Upcoming roles this season 2019/2020:

Danilo, Die Lustige Witwe, 

Alfredo, Traviata 

Turiddu, Cavalleria Rusticana

Spinoza, The Others




When I became a singer after an early carreer as clarinettist, I have always been amazed by how much form and style of music I could approach with only two vocal cords. Concerts and Oratorios are definitely an important part in my life, It is the meeting point of my life as an instrumentalist and as a singer, my past and present. Being part of an orchestral piece of music, the rigueur of a clarinetist with the freedom of a vocalist, give me  every time the feeling of being in peace with the purity of the music.
 I have been singing major pieces from Bach, Haendel, Haydn and Mozart but also Rossini with his Petite messe solennelle and stabat mater, Puccini with his Missa di gloria, Verdi requiem and Beethoven 9th symphony.



 The Macaron project is inspired by the idea of sharing small but perfectly formed musical gems with music lovers.

  Abigail Richards and I form the duo at the heart of the Macaron, and we also invite special guests for fresh and surprising vocal and chamber music concerts.

Experienced performers both separately and together, our joy of discovering   jewels of the repertoire leads to diverse and interesting programmes, with lesser known works framed by classics of the genre.



This is the oldest music instrument which helped us being who we are now. Since humanity exists, we have an urge and need to express ourselves through art. taking photos, listening to some music in your car or metro on the morning, reading the most exciting book, going dancing, going to concert and sing along! everyday we are  in contact with art. 

The pros of singing is that you don't need anything else than yourself. No need to know a lot of theory or owning an expensive instrument which will take several month for you to make a nice melodie and get pleasure out of it. Singing is directly connected to you and your joy of expressing yourself, you will enjoy from the first breath till the last note your favourite song! 

There is no bad voices and everybody can sing. Only for some of the others, you need a bit of guidance, That's why I am here!  I will be here to help  you achieving your personal  goals such as singing  your favourite love song at your wedding anniversary, getting ready to sing along in your choir, for a masterclass or preparing the entrance at the conservatory. 

If you are still afraid, why don't you come for an introduction lesson and meet each other?



I have been very fortunate to be featured on Dutch television in various capacities; if you wanted to find out more, welcome! I was invited to sing Nessun Dorma with Lucas Hamming and La donna e mobile with Monic Hendrickx during the quarter final of "Maestro" on NPO1. Also I have regularly  appeared on Andre Rieu's road soap "Welcome to my world" as well as broadcasts of his concerts when I was touring with him as a soloist.



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